Thursday, December 9, 2010

Myron's fans gather on his special day
08 Dec, 2010 01:00 AM

MYRON Wood's story has touched the hearts of thousands, so you can imagine how excited they are about the launch of his new book.
The Magic of Myron was written by his owner Raquel Wood.
More than 100 people attended the Narellan pooch's book launch last Saturday at Narellan Library.
They lined up to meet Myron and buy a "pawtographed" copy of his book.
Myron lives at Narellan, was born blind, has epilepsy and is allergic to almost everything.
Mrs Wood said she was overwhelmed by the support from Myron's friends.
"We sold 84 books on the day and I have more than 80 orders through Facebook," she said.
"Orders are coming in every day."
Myron lovers from across Sydney, and from as far away as Mollymook and Mudgee, attended the event.
Mrs Wood said Myron was well behaved at the launch.
"When I finished my thank-you speech everyone started clapping.
"I wasn't expecting that and Myron wasn't expecting that so he stood up and started barking.
"It was very funny."
To order one of Myron's books email

Monday, October 4, 2010

Myron receives invitation to ArtyCaf's grand opening!

Myron was invited as a special gust to the grand opening of Narellan's AtryCaf. He was invited so as to promote the dog friendly aspect of the cafe and he was made to feel very welcome.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Recently, it was announced that Oprah Winfrey was coming to Australia. A friend suggested via my facebook that people go to her website and suggest she does an interview about me when she comes to Australia. They thought it would be great to be interviewed by her due to her interest in dogs (she is a dog lover).

Oprah is via her web site, open to suggestions for guests on her show. At the urging of several people, I have been put forward as a topic of interest to be interviewed (or rather my mother) by Oprah when she comes to Australia

If you have a topic you would like covered, there is no reason why you cant suggest it. If you don’t put the ideas out there, then nothing will happen. So we are going for it!! Perhaps if she realizes i'm mates with James Hetfield, lead singer from Metallica she might just agree

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Cupcake Day for the RSPCA stall at Narellan Library was a huge success. With help from some of my Facebook friends and Narellan Probus Club I was able to raise $950 for the RSPCA. This is my 3rd year. My 1st year raised $333, 2 year $917 and this year $950 - surely next year we will crack $1000!!!!/photo.php?pid=5217193&id=32957281544&ref=fbx_album

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Myron Mania Hits the UK!

When we turned the computer on yesterday we were stunned to find hundreds of messages to Myron telling him he was in The Sun newspaper in England! What a surprise!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Blind dog Myron Wood adds ruff stuff to storytime
02 Jun, 2010 09:48 AM
LOCAL preschoolers were given a special treat last week when they came together for National Simultaneous Storytime at Narellan Library.

Each year the same picture book is read at the same time to children in libraries around Australia.

This year more than 90 people, mostly preschoolers and their parents, visited the Library to read the book Little White Dogs Can't Jump by Bruce Whatley.

They were also treated to a special visit by local blind celebrity dog Myron Wood who showed the children some of his tricks.

Myron's owner Raquel Wood said storytime was ``fabulous''.

``Myron loved the children he'd never been with such a large group of tiny ones before but he loved them,'' she said.

``After they read the story Myron went through his tricks including his impersonation of a frog which is his most impressive party trick.

``The children were all given a treat to offer Myron and then had their photos taken with him.

``He was very happy. He had a smile from ear to ear and when we got home many of the children had requested to be his friend on Facebook.''

National Simultaneous Storytime is a campaign organised by the Australian Library and Information Association.

The campaign promotes the value of books and encourages young people to read, share books and become involved in other fun and engaging literary based activities.

Storytime is held at Narellan Library every Wednesday at 11am and Friday at 10am and 11am or at Camden Library on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11am.

Monday, May 17, 2010

I have reached a milestone moment in my life. On Sunday the 16th of May I attended the RSPCA's Million Paws Walk held at Sydney Olympic Park at Homebush. We were never sure we would actually be able to attend right up to the day, but we decided to jump in the deep end and go!

Deb Fratantaro made this dream possible by organizing some socialization training for me through Les Trewer and DogTech. Weeks of classes before hand helped me to calm down in the presence of other dogs. While my fear of other dogs wasn't completely diminished, with Mum and Dad with me every step of the way and my trainer Les by my side with his doberman Sassy I accomplished what most thought I could never do. I participated in the walk!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Leave it! - My latest video

Amazing things surely happen. I was asked by my Facebook friend Nina if I would be attending the RSPCA's Million Paws Walk in May. I had to tell her (and the whole world) NO because I had fear agression toward other dogs and would try to eat the other participants.

Facebook went into meltdown with friends and fans offering me help from all over the world. My Friend Willow Akita from Geelong's Mum Deb runs a dog training company called DOGTECH and she asked one of her colleges in Sydney if they would help me as a gift. Les Trewer, the Sydney DOGTECH man agreed and i had my second lesson yesterday. Les said I was 1000% percent improved since my first day! (I only wanted to eat half the class instead of everyone)

Mum and Dad took me for a picnic today at Alexandra Lake at Mittagong. We ate hot chip sanga's with tomato sauce and chickensalt. The best! But what Mum and Dad thought was the absolute best was that I walked very nicely on the leash while sqeely little children wizzed by on scooters and skateboards and i wasn't bothered at all! Mum and Dad were so proud of me.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Road Trip!

Mum and Dad had just finished a very hectic fortnight at their shop. They needed a time out and Dad had some stuff down in Melbourne that needed to come up to Sydney so we decided we would go and get it. That meant a road trip!

Mum had a book called Holidays with Dogs that listed all the pet friendly accommodations around Australia. She booked a nights stay at a B and B in Trawool just near Seymour in Victoria, about an hour and a half from Melbourne, and a farm cottage in Holbrook New South Wales for on the way home.

Early in the morning as we were driving through Goulbourn, we saw kangaroos hopping along everywhere. There wasn’t a paddock that didn’t seem to have them. We had kangaroos in Camden, your typical grey variety, and Mum had seen red ones up north, but there was something different about these ones. Two kangaroos bounded along the grassy edge of the road and Mum could not believe one was jet black and the other was light beige with chocolate brown accents, quite like the colourings of a Siamese cat. Neither Mum nor Dad had ever seen anything like these before.

We arrived at Trawool at around 4pm, unpacked the car and had time for a little exploration. The property used to have a railway cut through it but was now long gone, but there was a lovely walking trail left by the former line for us to enjoy. There was also a fully fenced paddock where Mum and Dad could let me off leash and I found amazing toys to play with in the way of pinecones which I enticed Dad to throw for me to retrieve.

That night the three of us all went to bed together. That’s what I love most about holidays – I get to sleep with Mum and Dad. I’m not sure if that’s the highlight of Mum and Dads holiday though.

The next morning I woke Mum and Dad up nice and early so we could take another frolic in the pinecone paddock. I sniffed all the smells and got very wet with the morning dew and therefore made sure I took the opportunity to roll in the dirt and get as filthy as possible. So filthy in fact that I could not go back into the B and B for breakfast so our hosts set up an out door table for us and brought us out our bacon and eggs.

After breaky Mum wiped me all over with baby wipes in an attempt to clean me up so I could get into the car and head off to Melbourne. We drove though Brunswick to pick up our merchandise, dodging trams and negotiating peculiar Melbourne driving and pedestrian techniques. We got out of there as quickly as we could keen to get back to enjoying the beautiful Victorian countryside.

A quick stop at MacDonald’s for lunch then a leisurely cruise to Holbrook, the midway point between Melbourne and Sydney. Holbrook is situated in pristine pastureland for sheep and cattle and is famous for having an enormous submarine sitting in a park hundreds of kilometres from any ocean.

We had a booking to spend the night in an old cottage in the middle of 4000 acres of farm land. The setting was paradise for the three of us. There were wide open spaces for me to run like the wind without coming a gutser and peace and quiet that Dad longed for. There wee the stars Mum always talked about but rarely saw. They were so close that Mum could just put her hand out and touch them, and so bright and shiny I think even I could see them!

The decor in the cottage was left over from the 1960’s and boasted burnt orange bedspreads and dried flower arrangements in similar toning from the same era including the original dust. Green vinyl chairs from a time when women only came in size 12 or less and few men were more than 5’9. A variety of oddly patterned carpet squares covered the floors and the water Fawcett’s were merely for decoration as large plastic bottles of tank water were provided, even for toilet flushing. Good thing I use the yard.

That night we ate dinner and watched the radio together as there was no TV. There was a great radio station called 2WG am with a nostalgic crackle, and they played all the music Mum and Dad love. There was Telegram Sam by T-Rex, Devil Gate Drive by Suzy Quatro and a favourite of Mum’s – Mull of Kintyre by Paul McCartney and Wings.

It was blissful. I barked at the curious cows who were fascinated with me and I rolled in their poo. I even discovered the other use for cow poo – a culinary delight! Mum and Dad were the happiest I have ever seen them. All to soon it was time for another baby wipe bath and back in the car to head home.

On the way home I had a chance to meet that other famous Australian dog. The one that sits on the tuckerbox 5 miles from Gundagai. Not many are aware that the line of the great Aussie folksong was not originally – “And the dog sat on the tuckerbox 5 miles from Gundagai,” but rather, - “And the dog ‘shat’ on the tuckerbox 5 miles from Gundagai.” Sadly the wording was changed over the years for wider appeal. When I found out the truth about the story of the dog, he became my hero!

We called in to the country town Yass for a lunch of KFC and a wee in the park. Again with Mum and those irritating baby wipes, then back in the car and homeward bound. We had the best time ever though I was quite miffed that when we went to bed that night in our own home, Mum and Dad made me sleep in my doggy bed just outside their bedroom door with the baby gate up! I was not impressed.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Myron in Blue

When our hearts were greiving, you came into our home,
When your little life was hanging on the edge.
Too young to leave your litter,
And tiny eyes that held no glitter,
But to you my loyalty I did pledge.
We knew it would be a struggle, as time continued on,
And many said, "This life you shouldn't keep".
Though short on cash we kept you,
And a fan club did accept you,
So we soldiered on uphill and it was steep.
You had a bit of vision, though your eyes were dimming,
You could see your mothers face for just a while.
And then an eye was taken, and the other was forsaken,
You no longer see how much you make her smile.
Raquel Wood

Monday, January 25, 2010

Ita Buttrose

This is my new friend Ita Buttrose. She is a very famous Australian, loved and respected by all. She was delighted to meet me (her words) and has suggested to Mum to get in touch with the ABC's Australian Story. We are very excited.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Sunday, January 10, 2010

My latest seizure

Hello my friends. I had my first seizure in 51 days this morning at 6:30am. My recovery time was quite quick this time - 1 hour, and while I was disoriented for a time, I did not have the 'zombie wonders' that I usually get which last up to 2 hours. While Mum and Dad are sad I had another seizure thay realize that this is a great improvment to how I was and we will just start counting the days again to see how long I can be seizure free this time. Love to you all <3